• Oxford Markdown

    Want to write words? Without fancy WYSIWYG editors? Focus on your message when you write. Use `markdown` in Gutenberg. Let this plugin convert your content to `html` when viewed on your web page. The plugin is available on [github](https://github.com/intuitart/oxford-markdown/archive/master.zip). Key features: - use markdown in code editors - use markdown in the classic editor - […more]
  • Google fonts

    Google fonts are now available in the Oxford Framework! […more]
  • Absolute <> Relative Urls

    This plugin converts Wordpress absolute URLs into relative URLs when saving to the database. Then it converts back to absolute URLs when content is displayed. This maintains respect for SEO while giving the site owner greater flexibility. […more]
  • Upgrade framework

    The process for upgrading your framework is similar to the install process. Between Wordpress constraints and the need for backup there are some extra steps. Here are the steps for upgrading your theme: 1. Download latest version 2. Activate a different theme 3. Backup current theme 4. Delete current theme 5. Upload theme to your site 6. Reapply modifications 7. Reactivate theme 8. Recompile style sheets […more]
  • Install framework

    The Oxford Framework is packaged as a Wordpress theme and is available as a zip file from the Oxford Framework website. Here are the steps to install this framework on your Wordpress site: 1. Download latest version 2. Upload theme to your site 3. Activate theme 4. Customize theme […more]
  • Custom fonts

    The Oxford Framework provides a list of fonts to choose from for body text and for headings. For the most part these are common fonts that are available in browsers. However, you can also install custom fonts. For example, I like the fontin font and that's what's used on this site. I simply install it […more]
  • Think Mobile First

    Mobile featured image
    As mobile devices became more prominent over the past few years, one of the mantras we hear from web designers is "Mobile First." This makes sense, not only from a designer's perspective, but more importantly, it works because we think about our content and what is most important. […more]
  • More than a theme

    The #oxfordframework is a rapid design toolkit for Wordpress. It has a flexible layout where you choose the spaces where you want to place your content. Watch this space for examples.